Where healing starts within

Gabré Medhin was born and raised in Passaic, New Jersey. After graduating from high school, he attended West Virginia State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree. He later received a Master of Arts degree from Temple University. As an educator and musician, Gabré has over twenty-five years of experience utilizing music and the creative arts to help young people realize their potential.

Gabré Medhin is a certified music therapist who has conducted numerous music therapy workshops for children and adults throughout the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. He is known for blending musical performance with storytelling as a means to motivate and expand reading and literacy among school-age children. He has traveled extensively to Asia, East and West Africa, the Caribbean, and Central America where he studied music and cultural traditions, ancient ways of wisdom, and healing. His experience with music, the martial arts, storytelling, world culture, and yoga have evolved into a unique approach toward music therapy and the healing arts. In 2004, Gabré founded Music Therapy and the Healing Arts, located in Philadelphia, PA. It is an educational and healing arts institute oriented toward personal self-development, the uplifting of humanity, and the principles of world peace.

Vietnam veteran and poet, Medhin is an accomplished pianist who performs various genres which include classical, jazz, show tunes, folk tunes, blues, rhythm and blues, and spirituals. He is the author of Mr. Rabbit Has the Blues and The Bird – Two Short Stories (2011) and The Lion and the Mouse (2011).

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