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Mr. Rabbit Has the Blues and The Bird

From experienced educator Gabré Medhin come two stories in one book that children will find entertaining and lesson-filled…

Let your little ones experience the power of storytelling and learn valuable life lessons as well with this two-story children’s book.

Accompany Mr. Rabbit as he daydreams about flying like a bird in Mr. Rabbit Has the Blues. The Grantor of Wishes appears and gives Mr. Rabbit his wings. Mr. Rabbit then begins a journey that takes him on an adventure that is bigger than he bargained for.

Discover why several children are mysteriously drawn to a bird’s beautiful song in The Bird. They find that the song is coming from a tree; no one can see the bird. Is it really a bird? Or is it a dream?

The Lion and the Mouse

In this Aesop fable, written in verse form, readers will meet Mousey, a fun-loving creature who enjoys a big laugh by telling jokes and playing pranks on his animal friends. Being a trickster and having fun is what he enjoys doing the most.

Follow Mousey as he carries out his plan to disturb Lion's daily nap. When Lion discovers his nap is interrupted by a prankster, he walks away annoyed but soon finds himself in danger. Seeing that Lion is in danger, will Mousey come to Lion's aid or will he let Lion fend for himself? Will they become friends again? Find out as this experience teaches them both a lesson they won't forget.

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